Your friends are going to think you got new windows!

  • First, I remove the screens (and storm windows if you have them) and I clean the screens of dust, cobwebs, cottonwood seeds, et cetera.
  • Next, I clean the outsides of your windows by first giving them an initial scrub with the window mop and then remove the water with a squeegee.
  • The window now clear of dust, dirt, and lighter grime, I remove the other blemishes – bird and insect droppings, spots of tree sap, drops of paint, grease, et cetera. Often, a fresh razor blade is ideal. However, most windows made of tempered glass cannot be cleaned with a razor blade, as irreversible damage from scratching will result. Distinguishing between conventional and tempered glass is easy to do and in those cases where tempered glass is present, I will always use other cleaning methods that are safe and effective, such as scrubbing with a soft-plastic scouring pads or microfiber rags.
  • Now that the glass surface is dirt free, I make a final pass with the window mop and squeegee, leaving the glass with a dazzling, professionally-done clearness.
  • Once all the outsides of the windows are done, I clean the storm windows, if you have any, using the method described above.
  • Now, I clean the insides of the windows, since they are not typically as dirty as outsides, I get this done in a little less time. I wipe off your windowsills as I go along. Lastly, I reinstall your storm windows and screens.

It is recommendable to have your windows cleaned at least once a year. Most of my customers opt to have them done twice a year, with one of those times being a cleaning of just the outsides of the widows. This seems to be a pretty good frequency for window cleaning for most homes around here.

Your clean windows will typically continue to look good for a few months to half a year, especially if we have regular precipitation. Unusually long stretches of dry weather (or heavy nearby construction) will tend to soil the windows more quickly. Also, if your lawn service uses leaf-blowers, it’s helpful to instruct them to not blow lawn debris at your house – this alone can go a long way in maintaining the beautiful clarity of your windows.

Of course, not all of my jobs are for routine cleanings. I do a lot of work for folks who are preparing for special events, family reunions, and such.

Thinking of selling your house?

Have us clean your windows and raise your asking price by thousands!