Pressure Washing

After window cleaning, pressure washing is the service I get the most requests for – and for good reason! In our Minnesota climate, it does not take very long for your home’s exterior to accumulate mildew and grime or for your decking, stucco, or patio bricks to become dull or discolored. It’s unsightly, and if left unchecked, can develop into expensive home-improvement projects later on. Your home is a huge investment, protect and maintain it with professional pressure washing.

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Don’t put it off another summer. Give me a call for my pressure washing service. You’ll be amazed at how my team and I can bring that lost luster back to your home’s exterior, and, along with window-cleaning there’s no better way, dollar for dollar, to enhance the beauty of your home.

  • wood siding, brick siding, vinyl and aluminum siding, stucco, and gutters
  • driveways, walkways, and sidewalks
  • retaining walls
  • decks and patios
  • boat hulls

While we tend to think of homes first, pressure washing is obviously an excellent way to spruce of the appearances of your business, too. You put a lot of effort into attracting customers to your shop, so don’t turn them off with a building that is dull, dirty, or looking neglected. And afterwards, don’t forget to finish it all off with my window cleaning service to make your property look extra nice!

Gutter Cleaning

With leaves/debris preventing proper drainage, you run the risk of getting a leaky roof during storms and, even worse, a higher chance of getting flooding in the basement. That’s why routine gutter cleaning is so important. In most cases, late spring and late fall are best.

  • Before-Gutter Cleaning
    After-Gutter Cleaning
    Before Gutter Cleaning After

Having clogged gutters is bad news for your roof!

When you hire me to clean your gutters, here’s what I do for you:

First I go along your gutters, yard by yard, extracting the debris by hand. It’s not uncommon for people ask me to just toss the compost-like debris into their gardens/flower-beds, but certainly, I will bag it all up if that is your preference. Lastly, I bring up a hose and flush the gutters/down-spouts out with water. Besides being a good way to clean out the gutters thoroughly, this last step helps me see if you have any clogged spouts, which, if you have them, I unplug.

The later parts of spring and fall are the best times to get your gutters cleaned, as both of these seasons are times when trees drop a lot of stuff unto your roof, be it leaves, twigs, or catkins. Some people tend to forget to have this done, until one day, after a couple of years, they notice they’ve got a “roof-top garden” growing up there. If this is you, don’t sweat it. Just call me over. I’ll be happy to deal with it for you.


Screen Repair

If you’re going to have your windows cleaned, you might as well have me replace those torn and tattered screens in your windows or porch. Save yourself the trip to the hard-ware store! I repair most kinds of metal and fiberglass screens. For screen replacement, I charge a flat rate per screen, depending on the type of material. I provide all materials.

Chandeliers, Ceiling Fans, and Vine-Removal

You’ve got a thousand other things you should rather be doing than climbing that ladder way past the point where your fear of heights takes hold. Why monkey with it? Just give me a call!

Snow Removal

Driveway service is mostly contract-based. Just stipulate for which months you want snow-removal coverage for your driveway and at which snow depth you require service (also available on a per-job basis). Stop hurting your back while shoveling your day away. After plowing your driveway, I can also clear your walkways and put down de-icer if you so request.

Also, in order to prevent the development of damaging ice-dams, I can rake the snow off of your roof after every significant snowfall. If ice-dams have already developed, don’t worry, I can safely steam them off of your roof! Don’t waste anymore of your time chipping and hacking away at a mass of ice. Contact me today and have it done the right way!